Marketing Plan #3

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Your competitor’s website was designed with organic placement in mind.

“Organic” search results refer to those listings on a page that are not paid. Instead, they are organized by the search engines according to what they deem are most relevant to a particular search.

The question is how do search engines determine that one website is more relevant than the next (and therefore how do you improve your placement?) In an ideal world, the search engines would be able to employ an army of people to read and sift through websites to determine which ones are the most relevant for a particular search. However, with millions and millions of websites out there, and an infinite number of potential searches, using people really isn’t feasible.

Instead, the search engines use something called a “bot” to read through the backend coding of sites on the internet and determine what sites are most relevant. One of the main things these bots – which lack the nuance and smarts of people – look at is the content on a particular site. In case of a bot though, the “context” of your site is not just the visible text on your website, it’s also the content in the code of your site called “tags”. For example: all things being equal, a site that covers auto repair in Los Angeles, CA (and uses the words “auto”, “repair”, “los angeles”, “California”) has a greater probability of higher placement in searches that also use those words than a site that covers vehicle maintenance in Austin, TX (one caveat here is that technical problems and a bad site structure can confuse those bots and put a major cramp in your rankings regardless of the words you use).

So what’s the moral of the story? Basically, when you website is created, it’s important to not just think of how it reads and looks to humans, but also how it looks to those “bots”. If you don’t do this, you may have a great looking website, but unfortunately few people actually see it.

We build your website and make sure to research organic implications and best practices. If you choose a provider, make sure they understand the broad range of Search Engine Optimization practices necessary to build a site that will be found.


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