Auto Repair Marketing Plan

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THE TOP REASONS your competitors attract more customers online and how we can change it

Getting  Started:

The anatomy of the Search Engine Results Page

When a person searches for “auto repair service” on a search engine like Google, Yahoo!, or Bing there are typically three sections on the page that show up: (1) “Ads” (also known as “paid search” or “sponsored listings”), (2) the “free” listings in the center of the page (called “organic” or “natural” listings), and (3) the map listings.

It’s estimated that in any given month there are over 3 billion online searches which are local in nature – consumers looking for relevant services in specific locations. Given this enormous number, it’s no mystery why search engines, and by extension the three main sections of the page (ads, organic, and maps), hold the key to a strong online presence and ultimately more new customers.



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