Marketing Plan #1

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Your competitors invest in paid search.

Paid search advertising is one of the quickest ways to get in front of potential customers. After you set up your campaign, select what keyword searches you want to show up for, and write your compelling ad copy. High placement on the search engine can be just a click away. In fact, for most searches relevant to your business, paid search listings wil be at the top of the page about all organic results. While paid search listings typically only get 25% of all clicks, studies suggest that people who do click on paid search ads are far more likely to buy (and buy soon) than people who click on organic listings.

If you aren’t showing up when a search is performed for the services your business provides, those pesky competitors who are showing up are winning that business. Additionally, with paid search advertising you have a ton of control as to what you tell potential customers about your business, when you show your ads, and where your ads are shown. These three aspects of paid search help you ensure that you are generating the most qualified traffic to your site – traffic with the potential to turn into real sales. Bottom line, if you’re not using paid search for your business, you could be missing out on a BIG opportunity.

Consider investing the time, money, and resources in the creation of a strong paid search campaign. Through investing in paid search you will be able to showcase yourself to the huge group of people looking for your services in your area. To get started you can work directly with search engines like or have Repair Shop Sites set up and manage your campaign directly for you.

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