Marketing Plan #4

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Your competitors get links from other reputable sites.

Content, keywords, and coding aren’t the only pieces of the organic puzzle. Those search engine bots we talked about in Reason #3 also try to assess a site’s usefulness, authority, and level of trust. After all, there may be a lot of websites covering repair shops in Los Angeles, CA, but which one should be ranked first, second, third? Basically, search engines try to determine rank by the number and trustworthiness of other sites that point to your site with a link. Think of it this way: would you trust someone more who come to sell you something if they had 100 recommendations versus no recommendations at all? Of course you’d be more apt to trust the person with recommendations. Furthermore, what if one of those recommendations was The Los Angeles Times? The same idea hold true for search engine bots and websites: the greater the number, and the stronger the recommendations (a.k.a. links) the better.


So what does this mean? In order to get ahead in the crowded online space, it is important that a website align with other trusted sites. This strategy, if done correctly, should be ongoing and will take time and energy – but the payoff comes with consistently higher placement and more qualified leads to your site.

We invest time into researching reputable sites that are aligned to your specific business. Then create a strategy that will enable you to ask for links from these types of sites on an ongoing basis. Your strategy should be sustainable and include a significant amount of time allocated to research.

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